1925 Pattern RAF Officers Sword

Adopted by the Air Ministry in 1925. The RAF Officers Sword has a single-edged straight steel blade.
The hilt is stamped in brass with a cartouche bearing the emblem of the RAF, complimented by a brass pommel in the form of an eagle. Beautifully crafted in white fish skin the grip is bound and finished in gold plated wire. The scabbard is made of black buffalo rawhide with solid brass mounts
Crown swords England has lovingly reproduced the 1925 pattern RAF officers sword in intricate detail.
Traditionally hand forged and finished to the highest of standards, the necessity of ceremonial romance, elegance, prestige and tradition is captured perfectly by this beautiful sword.

All swords are current regulation and commissioned to be carried on parade by officers of Her Majesty's Armed Forces and Commonwealth.
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