Frequently Asked Questions​​

 "We appreciate the importance of your sword and what it represents.  We respect our responsibility to you and that deciding to purchase a sword can be an unfamiliar and often daunting experience.
Below are examples of frequently asked questions that may assist you in your initial decision to contact us."
  1. 1
    Where do I start?
    We appreciate the decision to purchase a sword can be both time consuming and daunting. From the moment you make an enquiry you will guided through a simple process by our specialist consultants.
  2. 2
    Crown Swords prices are lower than its competitors, is this reflected in the quality?
    Crown Swords service, swords and products are of highest quality. Our prices however, are heavily discounted for Serving Military, Reserve, Cadet Forces and their families.
  3. 3
    Are the hilts of the sword made of genuine ray skin?
    Yes, all of Crown Swords hilts are painstakingly made with stretched and dyed ray skin.
  4. 4
    Is Crown Swords steel hand forged? and if so what type of steel is it?
    Yes, Crown Swords steel is hand forged, highly polished high carbon steel. The carbon steel used allows the acid etching of the blade to appear prominently on the steel.
  5. 5
    What can I do to protect my sword from damage?
    Your sword should never be placed back into its scabbard with any traces of moisture. Your sword blade should be air dried and coated in Vaseline and removed from its scabbard and inspected each week.
  6. 6
    What payment methods are available?
    All payment methods are accepted, however the quickest and preferred method is via BACS (Internet Banking). We accept card payments, however there is a 4 % charge levied by the bank.
  7. 7
    What are my consumer rights and Crown Swords policy on returns ?
    You will have 14 days to return your sword after delivery. However if you choose to personally engrave your sword the £250 deposit paid is non refundable.
  8. 8
    Do you offer an engraving service?
    Yes, Crown Swords specialises in engraving and prides itself on being able to engrave almost anything. Please highlight any requests. such as crests, badges etc. when making your enquiry.